Dial (310) 324-1544

Enjoy push-button access to your accounts anytime, from anywhere – day or night! Simply dial (310) 324-1544 to hear your account balance, transfer funds, get tax information, request a withdrawal, and make loan payments.

Signing up is easy. Simply follow these easy steps!

Step 1
Dial (310) 324-1544 from any touch-tone phone.

Step 2
Have your account number ready. For extra security, be sure to change your PIN with menu 8.

Step 3
You're all set to begin enjoying all the convenient features of Nikkei-By-Phone! Read below for a handy list of options to choose from when you call:

Nikkei-By-Phone Touch Tone Options:

Press “1”

For Account Information

Press “2”

To Transfer Money or to Make a Loan Payment

Press “3”

For All Account Balances

Press "8"

To Change your PIN

Try Nikkei-By-Phone today!