Auto Loans

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Why take a chance?
When your vehicle needs repair, it's nice to know that you are covered by a protection plan with a guaranteed low deductible long after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Without protection you could be facing large unpredictable bills - and the cost of repairs will only increase during the time you own your vehicle.

How do I get service?
Service is your choice. You can return to the selling dealership or any licensed repair facility. However, if your dealership is not convenient, professional and reliable service is just a phone call away. Just call (800) 654-8455 for service 24 hours a day.

What if I sell my vehicle before my service contract expires?
Coverage is transferable to an individual new owner. So, it you decide to sell your vehicle to a new owner, you can transfer your coverage, thus increasing the value of your vehicle.

When does my coverage start?
Your coverage begins on day one. The program provides coverage during the manufacturer's warranty for items not covered by the manufacturer, i.e. towing, tire coverage, etc.