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Home Equity Line of Credit and Loan

Get the Most Out of Your Home

Refinance Mortgage • Pay for College • Remodel Your Home • Consolidate Bills

Choose our new Nikkei Prime Line or the First Trust Deed Home Equity Loan and watch your goals become a reality.

As a homeowner, you’ve been building equity with each mortgage payment. With a home equity line of credit or loan, you can use your home as a collateral and borrow against what you already own.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a swimming pool, adding a new coat of paint, or embarking on any other home improvement project, now’s the time to bring your plans to life. Nikkei Credit Union’s money-saving home equity programs are your answer if you’re seeking the very lowest rates in the community.

Check Today’s Rates

To Calculate Your Home Equity Amount (estimate)

Current Home Value

-    Mortgage Balance
Your Home Equity Amount


-    $90,000

A Comparison
What's the difference between a line of credit and loan?

  Line of Credit Loan (First Trust Deed)
Variable Fixed
$25,000 - $800,000
Up to 80% of loan-to-value
$50,000 - $800,000
Up to 80% of loan-to-value
Terms 5 year draw period
20 year repayment period
15 and 30 year terms

No points
Fee for early termination (within 2 years)
Fee for loan amounts above $99,999.99
No early termination fee.
Fee for loan.
Major, ongoing home improvements
College/University education financing
Wedding expenses
Refinance Mortgage
Major one-time home improvement projects (swimming pool)
Paying off or consolidating debt

Why not put your greatest asset to work and make your dreams a reality? Call us at (310) 324-1544 for more information about our new home equity solutions today.

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