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  • Checking Account

    We have checking accounts for every need including 24/7 mobile banking and ATM access!

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  • HELOCs

    Finance home improvements and future plans with a home equity line of credit.

CU Service Centers

CU Service Centers

Looking for a branch near you?

Nikkei Credit Union members can visit any CU Service Center® to make transactions.

What is CU Service Center?

  • It's another credit union branch (e.g. Fireman's credit union, Teachers credit union) where Nikkei CU members can access their accounts
  • Many 7-Eleven Vcom machines are also available to make Nikkei CU account transactions


  • Bring a valid govt. ID (e.g. Driver's License)
  • Nikkei Credit Union account number

Search for CU Service Centers >>>

Always look for the CU "Swirl" and 7-Eleven Vcom® logos and you'll be able to access your account for free.