Nikkei mahubay

About Us

Mabuhay Credit Union is an upcoming division of Nikkei Credit Union, a progressive, full-service financial institution providing quality service to the Japanese American (JA) community in Southern California since 1951.

In recent years, changes within the JA community has prompted Nikkei CU Board and Management to consider expanding and diversifying its JA membership base.

After much consideration, the Nikkei team believes that the Mabuhay community is currently underserved from a financial service aspect, especially in the South Bay community. With Nikkei's expertise and support, we are the best fit to provide exceptional and competitive financial products and services to the Mabuhay community.

In doing so, we will be opening a new branch in the City of Carson, CA in the 1st Quarter of 2019 to cater to the financial services needs of the greater community, with a specific emphasis on the Mabuhay community.