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Wire Fees
Wire Transfer - Domestic $30
Wire Transfer - International $30
Checking Fees
Secure Plus Checking Monthly Fee
(FREE if over age 55)
Classic Checking (waived w/$300 average daily balance or 6 POS) - monthly $3
Student Checking (waived w/ $300 average daily balance or 6 POS) - monthly $3
ATM/Debit MasterCard Fees
Debit Card Replacement $30
   with Express Delivery $30
ATM Deposit Error $30
Empty Envelope Deposit $30
Notary Service
Notary (Members get FREE up to 6 monthly) $10
Account Fees
Dormant Account Fee (after 1 year of inactivity) - monthly $2
Overdraft Protection (automatic transfer from savings - Limit 6/month) - per item $3
Check Withdrawal from Savings (3 free per month, if payee is the account holder) $3
Check Withdrawal Payable to Third Party $3
Check Withdrawal from Money Market (3 free per month) $3
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee $3
Statement Copy (2 free per year, per statement) $6
Returned Item / Non-Sufficient Funds (Checks, ACH, ATM, POS, Debit Card, Uncollected Funds, Bill Pay) $30
Courtesy Overdraft (Per item, not to exceed $90/day) $30
Stop Payment Request (per check or series) $30
Account Research/Reconciliation (per hour) $30
Verification of Deposit $30
Returned Deposit Item $30
Tax Lien, Levy, Legal $90
Minimum Early Withdrawal Penalty for CDs $90
Cashier's Checks and ACH
Cashier's Check $6
Stop Payment for an Official/Cashier's Check
(Limitations apply)
ACH Stop Payment $30
HELOC Annual Fee (if balance is less than $10,000) $100
Skip-a-Payment (per loan per month) $30
Lien Satisfied Processing Fee $30
Real Estate Subordination $200
Real Estate Demand $30
Real Estate Reconveyance $45
DMV Title Replacement $30

VISA Card Cash Advance (minimum $100) $30
VISA Card Replacement (1 free per year) $30
   with Express Delivery $30
VISA Late Fee (max) $10
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)  
New Account Fee Free
Annual Fee Free
Early Closure Fee (if 59 1/2 years old) $30
Transfer Fee $30
Rollover Fee $30


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