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Here are some helpful tips to keep unwanted intruders from your accounts.


Report Fraud Immediately

If you suspect any kind of fraud, time is of the essence in protecting yourself. No case of fraud is too small to report. If you suspect anything is amiss, please notify us right away.

Fraudulent emails and Websites: 866.4NIKKEI or 888.MABUHAY or

  • Lost or stolen checks: 866.4NIKKEI or 888.MABUHAY

  • Lost or stolen debit/ATM card(s): 888.241.2510

  • Lost or stolen credit card(s): 866.4NIKKEI or 888.MABUHAY

  • Suspicious transactions on your accounts: 866.4NIKKEI or 888.MABUHAY


If you become a victim of identity theft, help is available through the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at as well as the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), a national non-profit firm providing free resources to victims of identity theft.

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