At Nikkei, we also offer the following benefits:

Can I choose what day of the week my lawn is cut?

While we don't usually offer this, we would be happy to work with you within our schedule to find and schedule the best time that works for you.

Can I choose at what height my lawn is cut?

Yes! You can choose whichever height you'd like, and we'll also offer you a recommendation as well.

What happens to the lawn clippings?

By default, we recycle them back onto the lawn to provide natural fertilization through mulching. However, if you'd like them bagged, we will do that for you free of charge!

What happens if it rains?

We usually can continue offering high-quality work when it's drizzling. However, with heavier rain, your property will be moved to the next available spot in the schedule, which is usually the next day.

Do you offer one-time visits, or vacation bookings?

We do offer one-time visits for those who may only need service while away from thier home. Contact us for a specific price for your property!

What areas of Winnipeg do you service?

We service all of Winnipeg and surrounding areas, within a 1 hour drive.

Who will be servicing my property?

Cole, the owner of Shovelled, personally services all properties that sign-up for Summer Services.