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Refinance Mortgage • Pay for College • Remodel Your Home • Consolidate Bills


Choose our new Prime Line or First Trust Deed Home Equity Loan and watch your goals become a reality.

As a homeowner, you’ve been building equity with each mortgage payment. With a home equity line of credit or loan, you can use your home as a collateral and borrow against what you already own.

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Here is a sample as to how to calculate your home's equity (estimate).

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Why not put your greatest asset to work and make your dreams a reality?


Contact a Loan Representative at 866.4NIKKEI or 888.MABUHAY to apply today!

Disclosures: Granting of loan subject to approval. Member's FICO Score (or credit score) will determine the category for the maximum amount, term, and interest rate. All rates are subject to change by the Board of Directors without prior notice. Other loan terms and conditions will be disclosed prior to funding a loan. Equity - a percentage of appraised value less any other deeds. Ask your tax advisor for any potential tax benefits of a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). All loans subject to verification of equity, credit approval, FICO credit score, and income qualification. We are an Equal Housing Lender and governed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

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